Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My name is Carol. I'm a Southern Girl who grew up as Carol Sue and all my nieces and nephews called me SueSue. Now that I am the very proud Grandmother of little Peyton Grace, there is no doubt what she will call me... SueSue. Unless of course she wants to call me something else! When thinking of a shop name, Little Bunny SueSue just kept popping up and we knew it must be the name.

My store is a joint effort between my daughter Allison and myself. She is the organizer and planner and I am the production crew. We both work full time (I am a banker and she teaches 1st grade) so we are peddling as fast as we can to get product listed. 

We don't know where this venture will take us but we know it will be an adventure. Hope you can join us on our journey.


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