Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Deal With Etsy Treasury Lists

I absolutely LOVE to make treasury lists.  I think it is so fun to look at the daily trends and come up with my own interpretation and then looking through all the items to decide which will go perfectly together.  When we first opened our Etsy shop this was one of the ways that was suggested for getting your shop name out there and increasing the number of views to your page.  I can definitely see how being in a treasury is helpful for increasing views, but I have not seen the benefit of making them.

I recently made a treasury list that seemed to have the perfect formula for Hotness!  I made it at about 6:00 pm and by the next morning it had over 1000 views! I couldn't believe it! So I would have thought that I would have had some sort of increase in the amount of people that visited my store.  However, I only had 13 shop views for the whole day!

We have recently redone all of our photos so I am hoping that maybe we will get selected to be in some treasury lists.  I will not stop making treasuries because I do really enjoy it, but I am curious if making treasuries has helped your Etsy shop.  If they have helped you leave a comment to tell how.

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Sandy said...

I have only done 4 treasuries so I couldn't say yes or no to your question. I plan to check my views the next time I put one together. I stopped by from EBT and I am now following you. I will also be checking out your Treasuries!

AsteropeBC said...

I found that when I joined the Treasury Nonteam and started making a treasury each week for the challenge, my shop views and page rank both went up. I think this is because the team puts a link to your store on their blog every week you participate.

By the way, thank you for including my necklace :) I wrote you a thank you post in my blog last Thursday and featured your Trick or Treat bag. Your photos are looking great!

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