Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Super Peyton!!

Peyton needed a her own Superhero cape so we decided to make one for her.  I found a pattern here. We  had to do a little tweaking because it was made for a bigger kid, but all in all it was so easy!  No sewing for the cape part at all.  We only had to break out the sewing machine for the felt appliqué we put on it.

We started by cutting a piece of knit fabric to the right size.  We decided to cut it to 18x22.

Next we used the pattern to cut out the shape and added some velcro.  And Voila! we were done with the cape itself.  But we thought that was way too Plain Jane for Peyton

So I grabbed some felt and started designing Peyton her own Superhero emblem.  I used spray adhesive to stick it down and then sewed around the edges to make it more secure

Ta-Da!! It's Super Peyton!!  She had so much fun flying around the house in her new cape!


S. Lowe said...

So cute! I love quick and "easy" projects!

Little Bunny SueSue said...

Me too! It would have been a lot quicker and easier if we didn't feel the need to add the fancy design on the back ;)

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