Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Newest Shop Addition

Our first craftshow is over;  Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party is over;  Peyton's first trip to Disney is over... So we decided it was finally time to get to work.   We've just finished the cutest dress ever and Peyton looks so darling in it!  It's called the Aubrey and came from a great shop on Etsy called Ruby Jean's Closet.   If you are a sewer, I highly recommend that you check out her shop.    

Did I tell you that we've also decided to start ordering fabric to sell?   We've got a new shop - Little Bunny Supplies with 6 bolts of fabric.   Not much yet, but we hope to steadily add to the supply and sell at a very reasonable price.     The dress is made from 2 of the fabrics we have in stock from Riley Blake, called Indian Summer.    I just love it!!  What do you think?    


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