Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peyton is 2 - Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Part 1

Last year, Peyton did not get to enjoy a party on her first birthday.  She was very sick on the day she was suppose to have her party so we had to cancel.  So this we year I just had to go all out.  She is obsessed with all things Minnie and Mickey and we are heading to Disney World later this week, so we thought it was very appropriate to have a Minnie Mouse birthday party.  In part 1 I will show all of the decorations that we did.  Then in part 2 and 3 I will show you the foods we ate and the activities we had for the kiddos.

On the mantle I put a banner that I made that said "Happy Birthday".  I got the idea from the pin.  I used my awesome Silhouette Cameo that I got as a graduation gift when I finished my Master's.  Then I tied strips of hot pink tulle between each banner piece.  On top of the mantle I put a vase and flowers that I found at Hobby Lobby.

I wanted to make special bags for the boys and girls so the girls got a Minnie bag and the boys got a Mickey bag.  Inside there were several Mickey Mouse Clubhouse goodies.  And I locked out and got them from the Dollar Tree.  They had a great selection of stuff for the kids.  Originally I had gone to Party City, but I was able to get more stuff for the kids at Dollar Tree.

I got this little sign from Hobby Lobby as well.  I found this play on words somewhere on pinterest and loved it.

We decided to spruce up the kitchen with these lovely curtains.  Also found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and at the last minute.  We saw it and just had to get it.  They were absolutely perfect for the party and super easy to make.  2 quick straight stitches across the top and bottom.

I loved the banner so much that I made one for the table too.  This one said "Peyton is 2".  I also made some black, hot pink, and light pink tissue pom poms.  You can find the tutorial for making these here.  In the back we have special Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse plates that we got from Target for only $3 each.  We also made a styrofoam Minnie head to put in a planter.  I got the idea for this here.  It was pretty simple to make and pretty cheap.  We already had the planter sitting around the house so all we needed were the styrofoam balls, a wooden dowel, and we used modeling clay to stick the big dowel into the planter with.  We then stuck the styrofoam balls together with the dowels and spray painted them black.  Then we spray painted the planter hot pink, let it all dry, and added the bow.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Alex Williams said...

Everything looks so awesome! Wish I could have been there! Love and miss you guys!

Little Bunny SueSue said...

Thanks! I wish you could have been here too! Then you could have helped :) I think we are planning to come down after we get back from Disney World.

Traci said...

Oh my gosh, my daughter would DIE over this!!

Drew Watts said...

Wow! I so want to see the part 2 after this. Beautiful decoration! And those bags are a great idea. I have always liked this color theme. I am even planning to have party like this for my birthday. It’s true that I am not two, but I would love to decorate one of the Chicago venues like this for my 18th birthday.

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