Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Chevron Disaster

I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with chevron!  We have been trying to order chevron fabric from Riley Blake for a while and it is always on back order.  I just had to do something with chevron though...I'm a little impatient.  

So I looked through all of my craft supplies and saw that I had a blank canvas, plenty of paint, and some painters tape.  Everything you need to make an awesome piece of DIY chevron wall art!  I quickly scoured Pinterest for a tutorial I could use to make this awesome piece of art.  

Then I very dangerously and optimistically thought, "This isn't going to be that hard at all."  As  I looked through the tutorial and looked at my supplies, I realized that I really didn't have the right size tape because my canvas was pretty small.  But as I said earlier, I am very impatient and just had to have something chevron NOW!

So I very strategically started measuring and marking the middle of the canvas to decide where to lay the tape.  This is where the disaster started.  I spent the next 30 minutes taping and retaping the canvas in a very frustrated way.

I finally ended up with this very lovely very NOT chevron design.  I gave up and decided that this is what it was going to look like and went ahead and started painting.

When it dried and I took the tape off I showed it to Mike to see his reaction.  He very kindly told me that it looked like a road sign.  I then very maturely stuck my tongue out at him.  SO here you have road sign chevron art.  

This is one of the first pieces I have worked on for the gallery wall that is going to go in the craft room.  I have decided to keep it and still put it in the gallery wall.  When people ask it will be a very meaningful piece that signifies that things don't always go the way we think they will.  However, we will all know that it is just because I am too impatient :)


Emma said...

I like it! I'm really into chevrons and yellow these days, so I like your choices. My husband and I tried a tape and paint canvas project a while ago, and it didn't quite turn out the way we expected either... but we still hung them up proudly!

Vanessa said...

I know how you feel! This kind of situation happens to me all the time lol. I still like your chevron attempt, it has a nice, bright feeling and I'm sure it will look nice on your wall!

Little Bunny SueSue said...

Thanks! We are thinking about having it point to something else on the gallery wall that is it looks like we did it on purpose ;)

Shelly said...

I think it worked well! I would painted a quote on top of it! :)

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