Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minnie Mouse Party Part 3 - Finally!

Peyton and I went to a play date today and I was reminded that I never wrote Part 3 of Peyton's Minnie Mouse party.  How embarrassing!  What a great blogger I am huh ;)

So without further ado we have the fun games and activities we had at the Minnie Mouse party!

We decided to have a little photo booth for all the kids to take pictures with Minnie and Mickey ears.  Which I shamefully need to have printed and sent to everyone.  I think that will be on my to do list for tomorrow.  Not really doing very well on timeliness am I?  I actually got this idea from Amber over at Wills Casa from Ramona's last birthday party.  We still have the picture of me and Peyton hanging up from the party.  

I also made some little cutouts of Mickey heads and things to decorate with.  The kids could choose from googly eyes, foam stickers, chalk, and jewels to decorate their Mickey/Minnie head.  The older kids that were there got very creative with theirs.  Several of them made 2 or 3 because they were having so much fun!

And lastly we had a Mickey head bean bag toss game.  Mike cut out the Mickey head and the holes and then added a stand so it could sit on its own.  We also took some rice and made a little square bean bag.  Peyton is still playing with this!  I tried to sneak it outside in the backyard because it is quite large.  The next day she tattled on me to Daddy and he drug it back in.


L. Marie said...

Hehe thanks for the post! I was just curious if my activities I have planned for Layla's first birthday were on target for toddler parties. :)

Little Bunny SueSue said...

So what games do you have planned? Are you doing a Minnie Mouse party? If so you are welcome to borrow anything :)

L. Marie said...

No we are doing strawberry theme. We are going to have a ball pit and do some strawberry art. I have photo booth stuff but my house isn't that big so not sure I'll have a place for it. I don't want to take down decorations just to do it. :) You are more than welcome to bring little miss peyton tomorrow. Amber and Shannon have details.

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