Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've Reeled Mike In!!

After 4 years of marriage, I have finally reeled Mike into my crafts and projects!  He has always been into DIY stuff...just not the same kind as me.  He is always making something for hiking, camping, or jeeping.  And usually it involves stuff I have no interest in using or making.  

But ladies and gentlemen....he is now obsessed with my new Silhouette machine.  Him and my parents got me the machine and some vinyl as a graduation gift.  I have used the Silhouette for other things, but hadn't gotten around to trying out the vinyl.

Last night I decided to break it out and play around and Mike all but stole the machine away from me.  When he realized he could use it to make stickers for his jeep, there was no stopping him.  

I'm pretty sure there are going to be stickers all over his and my dad's jeeps now!  Here are some of the creations he has made so far:

I'm not sure if I'm ever going to get to use my machine again.  I went to workout yesterday morning and when I came home, he was already cutting out new designs.

The Pinterest Challenge was so much fun!  There were so many great ideas and I was very inspired.  I absolutely loved the gallery wall that Amber did over at Wills Casa.  I have gathered up some old frames and pictures that I want to use and starting to work on a wall for our craft room.  I am also going to use the Mini Pallet Sign from The Junk House.  I am very excited about this project.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mike and his inner crafter! Love the beginnings of you gallery wall. That canvas of Peyton is too cute. It's crazy to see how much she's grown! Did you work up the nerve to, I mean ask the daycare for those pallets?

Little Bunny SueSue said...

No I didn't! And when I went yesterday there were 2 more! I totally need to ask. I'm excited about the gallery wall. Most of the frames will need to be spray painted though. And I am still looking for something else I can put on the wall that is not a canvas or frame that has to do with sewing or crafting.

Shannalope said...

What about those pinterest embroidery hoops with fabric in them or a funky shaped mirror?

Little Bunny SueSue said...

Thats a great idea! I hadn't thought about using an embroidery hoop!! Thanks!

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